Center 326 (Code: 7002)


Sound calibrator to adjust sound pressure meters according to IEC 942 class 2. This device allows to calibrate the complete measurement chain.  With such device you can perform absolute SPL measurements with a microphone and a PC based audio analyzer like our measurement systems.

This calibrator is regulated, which means that a reference microphone constantly monitors and controls the sound level. As a result, the size of the pressure chamber or a non-100% sealing microphone has no effect.


Technical data:



For microphones



1" and 1/2"  (23.8mm and 13.6mm)



center frequency









94dB 114dB switchable



temperature drift



0,015 dB/ºC












63 x 103 x 54 mm



package includes box, adapter for  1/2" microphones



Price: 245.00 EUR
Incl. 19 % TAX plus shipping
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